To Awaken is to become conscious of Being, it is the realisation that you and all forms are connected, that everything is a manifestation into form of the same consciousness. It is to transcend to another dimension beyond all that you ‘normally’ see and experience in this world. Perception prepares you and holds the key to going beyond the thinking mind. What lies beyond cannot be described in words but once you glimpse it you will ‘understand’ or rather, you will Know and this brings you to another level of being. Being in its true form has no opposites, no judgment. There can only be peace, joy and love for all there is.

You might ask ‘What does that mean? What’s in it for me?’

It is difficult to understand because there is nothing to understand, at least not with your thinking mind. But, on a more practical level what you ‘get’ is a life much less complicated. A life without suffering from all that you see and experience because you realise that there is something deeper within that overshadows any story you are living. Awakening connects body, mind and spirit, it is your purpose and frees up energy that bounces off onto others and spreads beyond as light.

The majority of people live unaware of this state of Being. Most people search for meaning, for purpose and never find it because it cannot be found in the material world around them. Perception is the key and access is through the body. Many engage in spiritual activities as part of their search, but unless you go beyond the thinking mind it can only be a construct that is desired along the lines of something you want to attain. This in itself is problematic because it then becomes part of the ego-driven 'body-mind split paradigm'. 

Awakening cannot be desired because you do not know it 

and it cannot be attained because you cannot have it

There are certain characteristics of awakening and what could be seen as two routes. Very basically, one is chosen and is a gradual process that involves a deliberate choice of some kind of searching through e.g. meditation, yoga, qigong, spiritual guidance etc. What I offer is a holistic approach based on my perspective and I use the tools I find helpful for each individual in the process.

The other route is characterised by a sudden, radical transformation that comes about in connection with some form of trauma. Trauma in itself does not cause Awakening, it is the 'break-down' of the self-concept in this connection that for some leads to Sudden Awakening. It is a mind-blowing and truly powerful experience and for those on the path I offer guidance and support.

Awakening is not for special or chosen people or those with certain attributes. It is within us all and no one person is more 'entitled' or better suited to Awaken than another. When you accept what is and surrender to Being, you will be free from the constraints of your thoughts and beliefs. You will experience increased energy and you will have true freedom to choose what life to lead.