Do you feel it?         

The sense that there is more to life. That somehow it must be possible to understand why you are here? To know what you are supposed to be or do? Is it almost tangible but always just beyond your reach? 

Do you wonder why there are times when you are calm and clear and know exactly what to do? And other times when everything seems to fall apart?

Are you afraid, but not sure of what? Do you feel anxious, restless, sad, unfulfilled, useless, angry ... or any number of things?

Are you fighting for your life either mentally or physically? Do you have pain so deep that your body hurts with every breath? Is your mind so fragile it feels as if it is falling apart?

There is an ope​ning within

It is a light. In some it is bright, in others very faint. If you let it, it will show you the way. Once you glimpse it you have been beyond the mind. When you recognise and know it the body can be healed. It will truly set you free. ​

Most people have a story. You might think it defines you because it is part of your beliefs, your thoughts.... of you. The story is not important. It only defi​nes you to the extent that you believe it is true. It keeps you stuck and unable to change. It keeps you from awakening to the truth of life.

When you start questioning your thoughts and beliefs and see their foundation for what it is, you will see that you can change your story. When you stop the judgment you will realise that the story does not exist at all. You will know that this is all there is, was and ever will be.

I'm here to guide you

I will show you the light within. I will help you tackle your fears and set you on your course to free yourself. To live in this world, but from another perspective. It is nothing that you could ever imagine. It is there within you and in all that surrounds you, that is why it seems familiar. It is what you truly want but you are mistaken as you try to grasp it with your mind. You have to enter from the body, you must go beyond the mind. Once you glimpse it you will know and you will long for the freedom to take hold. To move from seconds to minutes, to hours and days until time is no more.

The choice is yours and yours alone. It is not easy and for many it is a fight. But I am here to tell you that if you will it, it is one that you can win.